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In an ideal society, the authority or elders will encourage people to follow their conscience even when it goes against them. If everyone in the society is governed by a common set of principles, it becomes established that loyalty towards the authority must not supersede ethics. But our definition of success is to rise to a position where everyone submits to our commands without asking any questions. We see compromise as a sign of weakness, be that as a parent, a teacher, or the authority of any kind. …

A Frightening Future Prospect of American Democracy

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Until the election on November 3rd, I could see the reasons why Trump is so popular among conservatives. He is blunt in his words and boorish in behavior but he is not like other DC politicians, and that has been his charm. He conveyed a sense that he had been the president of the “forgotten men and women” who supposedly had been ignored by the “corrupt” politicians for so long. He had been very specific about his strict immigration policies, got out of the Paris deal, and had been overall pretty conservative in…

What I Dream For The Future

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When our nation was liberated almost fifty years ago, we were engulfed by uncertainty. We found ourselves in an unjust war waged upon us. We were against a military who tried to silence our voices by taking our lives. Our choice was not only between tyranny and freedom, but between good and evil. It is astounding on many levels how we won a war so unequal within only nine months. But there was something that persuaded us. Our weapons were taken, our military was deliberately weakened, yet there was something that made us go…

What Conservatives and Liberals Get Wrong

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The recent incidents within our rape culture and peoples’ reaction to it gives an mixed sign of the mentality of our citizens. On one hand, we see people of our generation protesting on the streets, on the social media and on the contrary, we also see people branding these signs as radical liberalism and shifting the blame on the victim herself. Personally I believe when people lean too much towards one side of ideology, often they see subjective reality rather than the world as it is. For when they debate the sensitive case of…

You Don’t Necessarily Need The Russians.

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The main thing that separates a democratic state from a totalitarian one is not a caring government or freedom of speech. It is the government’s ability to meddle in the elections. There are countries where the idea of an election is a mere luxury, for power is handed over not by the choice of the people, rather by the birthright. There are countries that despite being constitutionally democratic, hold elections only as a ceremony, for the people already know they have been stripped off their right to elect their leaders long ago. …

The Problem Still Remains.

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Let’s take a walk on the lanes of history. We wouldn’t have to go much further. If we take a ride of sixty years, African-Americans still had to sit or walk or be in designated places in buses, restaurants, or even in graveyards. Ten more years earlier African-American children had to go to different schools than their white counterparts. It was only in 1960 when a six years old child named Ruby Bridges had to be escorted by Federal Agents in an all-white school.

Tawsif Mostafiz

love to read, watch movies and often lose myself in the fantasy world of Harry Potter!

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